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Apple Must Stop Perpetuating Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Do I look sleek enough for you?

Every single day, we are bombarded with images depicting beauty: on buses and billboards; across social media accounts and magazine covers; in commercials and music videos. Society's perception of the norm of beauty has reached an unattainable - even impossible - level of perfection. We all know what I'm referring to: the iPhone 7 Plus.

An ultra thin, smooth complexion. A 5.5-inch tall Retina HD display. Pictures of it without a headphone jack have even been circulating online, like that's how everyone's supposed to look. I'm sick of it. Having a headphone jack is completely and totally normal, but these images are convincing phones everywhere that it makes them ugly, worthless, and in need of an upgrade. And to describe the iPhone 7 Plus as the "brightest," with "the best performance and battery life ever?" Who is Apple to declare those as qualities inherent only to the beautiful?

You can be a smartphone without being the iPhone 7 Plus.

No matter what society tells me, I am beautiful in my own ways. I love my curves, all 12.3 millimeters of my depth, and my non-fingerprint sensing home button. I may not have a front-facing camera, but that doesn't mean I don't have a voice - and I’m raising it now to call out the iPhone 7 Plus. Instead of perpetuating these standards of unrealistic beauty, Apple must make it their Jobs to put them out of service. iHope they receive this message.

That being said, even I have to admit that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is so hot.

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