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5 Memes That Are TOTALLY Worth Getting Rescinded Over!

One does not simply caption a meme that already has its own caption.

These memes, while not racist, misogynist, or homophobic, are nonetheless important commentaries about life at Harvard. If admissions officers can't take the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. Here is a list of memes that are– unlike the deplorable memes that got several admitted students' offers rescinded– TOTALLY worth getting rescinded over:

Boy oh boy is that an apt commentary on Harvard students’ feelings of inadequacy! If the administration can't face the facts, then they don't deserve to have you at their school.



Now that is what we call speaking truth to power. 



Would you choose this (red) spicy meme over going to Harvard? You can "bet on it!"


Expanding your academic horizons SUCKS! This meme totally flaunts the merits of a liberal arts education. Take THAT, Charles Eliot! 


OMG! A typo?!?! At….HARVARD?? How embarrassing! However, you are a true intellectual. Even if Harvard rescinds your appliation, you don't need a Harvard diploma to prove that!


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